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The following information will give you a brief description of each agency.

Jerald Brantley
Chair, TDC
Spectrum Resources
1702 Keosauqua Way Des Moines, IA 50314

“To guide our clients on the Critical Path, providing support in their pursuit of Continued Quality Improvement, in all aspects of life.” Spectrum Resources is operating one of the leading Prisoner Reentry Initiatives in the United States. Servicing the needs of the community and assisting returning offenders in developing and implementing their Critical Path® towards Continued Quality Improvement. "The ultimate goal of the Spectrum Resources Ex-Offender Re-entry Project is to strengthen community support and advance reentry services that improve opportunities for and restore the citizenship of offenders and their families to become and remain self-sufficient following release from incarceration.”Spectrum Resources operates the Beneficiary Choice Program, one of five in the country that works with 18 – 29 year olds coming from prison. Along with those two programs Spectrum runs the Rural Prison Re-Entry Program in the northern 22 counties of the 2nd Judicial district of Iowa. Services Include:

  • Employment Readiness Training

  • Apprenticeships

  • Job Placement

  • Career Counseling

  • Diversity Training

  • Community Services

  • Ex-Offender

  • Walk-ins

  • Family Unification

  • Life Skills

  • Leadership Development

  • Faith Based Mentoring

Spectrum Resources operates on an annual budget of $1,194,382.
There are eighteen (18) full time employees. SPECTRUM RESOURCES served over 1,009 clients in 2008.

Ako Abdul-Samad
Vice-Chair, TDC
Creative Visions
1343 13th Street
Des Moines, IA 50314


Mission Statement
"Creative Visions is a human development institute dedicated to creating productive citizens, viable neighborhoods and a safe community environment by engaging youth who are Culturally patterned to be "lost to the streets" in a customized, holisticprogram of self-development, so they can achieve a self-sufficient lifestyle and sustainable employment through realistic hopes and goals rather than participating in gang activity, underground economics and drug trade" The "Creative Visions cultural/personal development curriculum" presents a "problem-posing" method for use in reaching, teaching and guiding the development of "culturally particular" youth and young adults. The Term "Culturally Particular" is used here to describe the targeted population of Creative Visions. This term describes the environment, behavior, life styles and experiences of the individuals whose cultural patterns and design, behavior and actions, manifests particularisms in their behavior and actions as opposed to "differences" nor "disadvantages" as these terms connote 'ethnic referents' that deny positive human development. Creative Visions works from an annual budget of 457,103. With 8 full-time and 2 part-time staff, Creative Visions offers a host of Wraparound services which include: information/referral,job referral assistance, GED, ESL,  Computer Concepts class, Men/Women/family/community support groups, Healthy Connections Clinic, breakfast club, Ex-Offender Support program, Highschool Suspension program, Sunday  feeding program, financial assistance program,Teen Talk show, juvenile  gang intervention/prevention program and a food pantry. Through our many programs Creative Visions provides individuals with the tools needed to move towards  a more self-sufficient and productive life style, by working on: building self-esteem, coping skills, social skills, angermanagement skills, money management skills,  Creative Visions has made contact with 2,027 unduplicated clients in 2008.

John Spinks, Jr
Orchard Place PACE
620 8th Street
Des Moines, IA 50309


PACE is the community-based division of Orchard Place serving early childhood, youth and families. For the past 26 years, PACE has anticipated and responded to the needs of the community by developing programs that provide viable solutions for the emerging issues of today’s youth such as delinquency, truancy, academic deficiency, substance use, and inadequate social functioning. PACE provides a continuum of services that treat the whole child, strengthen the family and promote self-sufficiency. PACE’s continuum of services includes:

  • Gender specific alternative schooling;

  • GED instruction;

  • Development of social skills, communication skills, coping skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and anger management (Remedial Services)

  • Academic assistance/supervision for suspended youth;

  • Substance abuse assessment, education, treatment, and aftercare;

  • Individual and family therapy;

  • Supervision of youth on informal probation, and school-based intervention and supervision.

  • Tutoring

  • Saturday Sanctions

PACE is located at 620 8th Street in downtown Des Moines. This 38,000 square foot building houses the majority of its programs and provides a “one-stop shop” for youth and families in Polk County and surrounding areas.

Teree Caldwell-Johnson
Oakridge Neighborhood and
Neighborhood Services
926 Oakridge Drive
Des Moines, IA 50314


For nearly 40 years Oakridge has been the intersection of community and opportunity. With its 300 housing units and its nearly 1,100 residents, Oakridge is larger than 69% of the 949 cities in the state of Iowa. The Oakridge campus, located on a 17 acre site, is the largest residential block in downtown Des Moines. The Oakridge model is one that provides housing opportunities with a variety of traditional and non-traditional human service programs, which are developed to allow residents and their families to move toward self - sufficiency and self- reliance. The Oakridge service component is comprised of a nationally accredited early enrichment childcare center, youth programs including educational, social, cultural, character building and recreational programs and adult and family programs including job coaching/training, ESL, GED, case management and computer literacy. It’s the mission of Oakridge to provide safe, secure, supportive housing and services that supports families and adults in becoming self-sufficient and self reliant.

Ed Barnes
Willkie House
900 17th Street
Des Moines, IA 50314

Founded in 1917, the Willkie House is one of the oldest African-American community based organizations in the state of Iowa. Its mission is to develop character and self-esteem in young people through the provision of quality, evidenced-based programming focusing on academics, social skill building, health and recreational curricula. It is the ultimate vision of the Willkie House to assist young people in reaching their highest potential. The Willkie House typically serves over 675 youth and their families during the fiscal year. Participants in Willkie House programming range in age from 4-18, with the majority of these participants coming from poor and low income families. The ethnic backgrounds of the participants and their families are a mirror image of the ethnic makeup of the greater Des Moines community, with the majority being children and families of color. Though the majority of participants reside in the Oakridge and Sherman Hill areas of Des Moines, Willkie House serves youth who reside in areas all over the city. A mission driven organization, the core programming centers on the direct services outlined in Willkie’s mission.

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